A new market for the agent and travel designer


It is a common misconception that a yacht charter is an unaffordable luxury. Not so.

For the cost of an upmarket spa or safari holiday a family can charter  a private yacht. A group of friends spending perhaps £5000 per head on a vacation can enjoy a stupendous vessel on a fully-inclusive basis. With no costs while on board, the economics of a charter are predictable and very convincing, the "bragging rights", peerless and the repeat factor very high.

The Yacht House has been established to open up yacht holidays to a wider audience. Many yacht owners complain about inadequate utilisation of their vessels, obtaining only a few weeks charter a year.

For agents and travel designers the problem of finding genuinely unique and experiential opportunities for their clients looms ever more large.

As the world shrinks with the relentless growth of cheap air travel so the inaccessible becomes accessible and the remote commonplace.  The solution is a holiday on a private crewed yacht. Impeccable service, the finest food, utter privacy and total control over where to go and what to do.

Many agents shy away from yacht charter. Many traditional yacht brokers appear to resent the agent and prefer to deal with a client who is informed, experienced and impossibly rich.  The Yacht House has recognized that against a small number of regular charterers of yachts amongst the "uber-rich", there is an enormous supply of under-utilised and thoroughly affordable luxury vessels.

On the consumer side, there is a huge untapped market of wealthy clients who have either never contemplated a holiday on a private yacht or have been deterred by the complexity and perceived uncertain cost of a charter.

The Yacht House has negotiated preferential all-inclusive rates with a number of owners of both motor and sail yachts in locations all over the world. The majority of these yachts or their owners are known personally to The Yacht House, thus ensuring consistent quality.

We utilise our own, simple, plain English charter agreement which a client can understand. And we focus on a full service to both the agent and to their client by designing specific itineraries, ensuring that the client's hand is held throughout the booking process and that he enjoys a seamless experience.

As a result we enjoy repeat business from satisfied clients who see a yacht holiday as the answer to their quest for the different and the unspoiled.

Two thirds of the world is covered by water and the seas are the last remaining relatively unregulated environment. Thousands of miles of coastline are inaccessible by road or air and a yacht can take your clients to places that they would otherwise only dream of.

If you would like to talk to us about yacht holidays for your clients, please contact us.

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